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Do you need to get your business moving? We’ll find a solution that will make work easier for you and your clients, a solution that will work. For everyone.


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Customised web applications

Outsourcing of development specialists

We enjoy technology

We are a team of software development specialists with many years of experience. We share the enthusiasm for the latest technologies, we love to make practical use of them, and not even the most unusual requirements scare us. Quite the opposite! If it can be done, we’ll figure it out. And if it can’t be done, we’ll figure it out anyway.

Personal approach

We want to understand everyone in depth so that we can deliver a solution that works as required.

New technologies

We use modern technologies and stick to the current standards. But we will also tackle more obscure languages.

Speed and price

Thanks to our experience and agile approach to development, we can deliver the solution quickly and at a good price.

No vendor lock

We work with standard technologies. We will not create a situation where you would be dependent on us.

Meaningful projects

If you are looking for a solution that we know from practice will not work, we will let you know. We will prepare the project with you so that it is well thought out.

Long-term support

We will be happy to manage the system we have worked on over the long term. That’s how we usually do it, but it's all up to you.

From idea to application



    First, we want to perfectly understand what you want to achieve with our solution. We’ll talk it over, draw it, etc., so that we can focus on the core of your problem.



    Our analysts understand the world of IT and business. They’ll keep collecting information until they have a clear concept on how they will achieve your solution, and they can prevent potential problems.



    We work efficiently, agilely, in sprints, delivering in parts. We live for the scrum. We plan regularly and always make sure that we understand each other perfectly.



    We use the best development practices, code review, git, devops principles, unit tests, regression tests and much more. Automated tests where appropriate and needed. We will test everything in a high quality during development and deliver the product to you ready for user tests.



    The product we create will be yours and anyone can perform the future development and management. We will be happy to do it for you. We provide long-term support and maintenance of all solutions, ideally on the order of years.

What we are proud of

B2Com and B2B eCommerce solutions for Albatros Media

Application of printing solutions for Konica Minolta

Software development for Makro

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