Partnerships, Awards, Certificates

ISO 27001 Certification - Information Security Management System

We hold the ISO 27001 certification, which is a recognized international standard for information security management. This standard sets requirements for managing information security within an organization and ensures that the organization has implemented proper and effective security practices and policies to protect sensitive and confidential data from unauthorized access or loss. ISO 27001 also requires organizations to continuously monitor and improve security procedures, leading to greater resilience against new threats.

ISO 20000 Certification - Information Technology Service Management System

We hold the ISO 20000 certification, which is a key international standard for the service management system in information technology. This standard sets requirements for the management and provision of IT services, confirming that our organization has implemented effective and reliable processes that enhance the quality and availability of the provided IT services. Through certification, we are committed to continuously monitoring and improving IT processes and services, leading to increased efficiency, better performance, and higher customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Partner

Certifikace ISO 27001

LinkSoft is an official Microsoft Solution Partner! This partnership enables us to offer our customers cutting-edge solutions built on the latest Microsoft technologies.

What does this mean for you? You gain exclusive access to the latest innovations and digital trends, support from certified experts, and personalized solutions tailored precisely to your needs. With LinkSoft as your Microsoft Solution Partner, you have the key to more efficient and innovative business practices.

Join us on the journey to digital success. With LinkSoft and Microsoft by your side, we will elevate your business to higher levels of efficiency and reliability. Believe in the power of innovation with LinkSoft – your new guide in the digital world!

Microsoft certified


In our company, we emphasize excellent quality of services, and that is why our employees hold Microsoft certifications in software development and cloud technologies. Why? Because we believe that certified professionals make a difference.

  • Knowledge and Expertise: Certified professionals in software development and cloud technologies possess deep knowledge of the latest development practices and cloud platforms. From cutting-edge programming languages and frameworks to comprehensive cloud solutions, our employees are at the forefront of development.
  • Effective Solutions: With their specialized knowledge, our employees are able to quickly identify and resolve issues related to software development and cloud technologies. This means less downtime and faster recovery to full operation.
  • Ideas for Growth: Our certified professionals are not just programmers, they are also advisors. With their help, you can fully leverage the potential of software development and cloud technologies for the growth of your company.
  • Trust and Reliability: With certifications comes trust. When our employees address your IT needs in software development and cloud technologies, you can be confident that you are in the hands of professionals who know their job.
  • Responsive and Proactive Support: Whether you have an issue that requires immediate assistance or you are planning future expansions in the field of software development and cloud technologies, our certified professionals are here to help you.