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Centralized and efficient management of critical data and processes

An information system is sophisticated software designed for businesses that require centralized and efficient management of data and information critical to their operation. Tailored to your specific needs, we will design and develop software that seamlessly integrates into your existing environment.

Looking for something like this?

ERP system

ERP systems enable the planning and management of company processes in the areas of finance, production, inventory, sales, and marketing.

CRM system

CRM systems gather and analyze information about customers, transaction history, and interactions with your company.

SCM system

Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems enable the control and management of the entire supply chain from production to distribution, providing information on the status and movement of goods.

Reporting System

Reporting systems enable processing, analysis, and visualization of data and information crucial for decision-making in business.

Internal portal

Internal portals allow for the publication, management, and search of job offers, real estate, or goods, facilitating communication between sellers and interested parties.

Reservation system

Reservation systems enable the management and booking of accommodation, flights, tickets, or other services, simplifying processes for both clients and providers.

Attendance system

Attendance systems track and record employees' time-related data, aiding in payroll calculations, and optimizing human resources management.

Ordering system

Ordering systems ensure the management and processing of customer orders, tracking inventory status, and automating sales-related processes.

Is the universal off-the-shelf solution not enough for you?

Are you looking for a tool to manage processes and activities in your company? We develop custom information systems precisely according to your requirements. We integrate systems with your existing systems or systems and applications from third parties.

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Better process coordination, higher productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer relationships

Easier access to data and their centralized management will help you streamline operations across departments, improve planning, communication, productivity, service quality, decision-making, and more easily identify areas for improvement and quickly respond to market changes and changes within the organization.

Increased Productivity

Centralized management and access to data streamlines operations, increases productivity, and enables better communication and collaboration among departments and employees, leading to a more efficient and coordinated business operation.

Better Decision-Making

Accurate and relevant information helps better understand business processes and the environment, enabling better decision-making and more effective strategic planning.

Improvement of Products and Services

Monitoring and analysis of business processes allows for easier and more precise identification of potential areas for improvement and increasing the quality of products and services, helping to better understand the needs and preferences of your customers.

Risk Reduction

More effective monitoring and management of risk areas enables timely identification of potential problems and the ability to quickly and flexibly change business processes and strategies in response to environmental and market changes.

Seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

For maximum utilization of the information system, you need not only quality software but also seamless integration into the existing infrastructure. Each project of development and integration therefore requires careful analysis, planning, and implementation. Our experienced colleagues will fully respect your needs and the specifics of your business and will design a solution that will work as it should, on time, and within the set budget.

What We Are Proud Of

Development and Integration of the Information System Step by Step

  1. Consultation & Analysis We will understand what you want to achieve with our solution. We will find out what type of information and data you need for your daily operations and how this data is currently managed. We analyze the existing environment and processes and determine how the new information system will be integrated.
  2. Design of the Information System & Integration Strategy Based on the analysis of the business needs, we will design the architecture of the new system and the integration strategy.
  3. Development and Testing We work efficiently and agilely, in sprints, delivering in parts. Scrum is our forte. We regularly plan and always make sure that we understand each other correctly. We use development best practices, code review, git, DevOps principles, and unit, regression, or automated testing where appropriate.
  4. Integration of the Information System Data and information will be transferred from existing systems to the new system, connections between the systems will be set up, and we will verify that everything works as it should.
  5. Training and User Support To ensure the successful use of the information system, it is important that users are trained in its use and that support is available to solve problems. We will familiarize your employees with the functions of the information system and teach them how to use it within their work processes.
  6. Monitoring and Maintenance The product we create will be yours, and future development and management can be arranged by anyone. We would be happy to do it. We will monitor your system and regularly update it to keep it current and efficient.

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