Consulting and outsourcing

Do you lack the know-how, capacity, or need an expert in a specific area? We have expertise across various industries and extensive practical experience.

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We advise on what we understand.

Our people have gained their expertise not only through education but primarily through practical experience.

  • They understand the challenges that can arise in everyday operations (such as how complicated agreements between two or more parties can be).
  • They have rich experience with various types of projects in diverse corporate environments, allowing them to quickly and effectively adapt and understand your specific situation.
  • They can identify shortcomings in proposed or operational solutions and suggest measures that better tailor to specific users and the needs of your business.

Strengthen your team

Outsourcing specialists

Whether you want to strengthen your team for the long term or supplement capacity for a short-term project, we collaborate with professionals whose expertise and personal qualities we are familiar with. Therefore, we will introduce a new colleague to your team who will not only complement your know-how but also seamlessly fit into your team.
  • .Net developer
  • JAVA developer
  • React developer
  • Angular developer
  • DevOps specialista
  • Business analyst
  • Software architect
  • Cloud specialist
  • HR / People management
  • UX / UI expert
  • Copywriter
  • Reporting specialist
  • Business intelligence consultant
  • Data warehouse expert
  • Process and product consultant
  • Strategic consultant

IT consulting

Do you want to improve your existing information system, formulate visions and IT goals, or assess the maturity of your IT infrastructure or software delivery? Our consultants have years of experience in managing IT in international corporations as well as smaller local companies. Thanks to their insight into the functioning of various types of organizations, they will choose an approach tailored to your environment and goals based on industry standards (ITIL, ITSM, TOGAF, etc.).
  • Assessment of IT systems and environments
  • Preparation and implementation of ICT strategy
  • Code and database optimization
  • Process delivery review (DevOps)
  • Formulation of vision and strategic IT goals
  • IT architecture design
  • Analysis of IT processes and staffing
  • Analysis of corporate IT organization and management
  • Analysis of IT resource supplier management
  • Security analysis
  • Assessment of contractual relationships
  • Preparation of an overview/catalog of IT services
  • Creation of a strategic road map

Project management

Do you need expert project management or want to establish an environment for effective project management within your company? Our project managers will support you in all aspects of project management. We can deliver both large and small projects for you with an internal team, an external team, suppliers, and any combination thereof.
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Portfolio management
  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Resource management
  • Project governance
  • Project reporting

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