Bespoke B2C eShop for Kosmas Bookstore

Case Study 31. 01. 2023 5 minutes

The Czechs, known as fervent readers in Europe, hold a strong preference for printed books over e-readers even in this digital age. While their love for reading remains undeterred, buying habits have evolved: physical bookstores are less frequented as online purchases surge. A seamless and user-centric online store is the linchpin for a thriving online bookstore. This is where we stepped in for Kosmas, the Czech Republic's premier online bookstore.

Client Profile: Kosmas s.r.o. 

Kosmas, not just the titan of online bookstores in the Czech realm at, also stands as a major book wholesaler in the country. Their expansive collection boasts approximately 90,000 titles. This encompasses a comprehensive range from Czech publishers, a rich array of e-books, and audiobooks. With over two decades in operation, Kosmas has clinched numerous accolades, consistently ranking amongst the top contenders for the Shop of the Year Quality Award, a Heureka initiative.

Challenge: Legacy Online Store Stunting Growth 

As Kosmas' clientele and catalog grew, their existing online platform became inadequate. The outdated tech infrastructure resulted in lagging applications, cumbersome title searches, and waning customer satisfaction. Recognizing these challenges in 2010, Kosmas sought LinkSoft's expertise for a novel e-shop.

Project Objective: State-of-the-art eShop 

Drawing from their extensive online bookselling experience, Kosmas was resolute in wanting an avant-garde system tailored to their distinct needs.

The Nuances of a Book eShop 

"A book-centric e-shop is a departure from one focusing on groceries or electronics. Rarely does one purchase a book impulsively or stockpile varied titles for comparison. Here, search efficiency, critical reviews, peer ratings, purchase-driven recommendations, and an intimate familiarity with the book's contributors take precedence."

Jan Krynický, LinkSoft Developer

Core Requisites:

  • A contemporary aesthetic
  • Deployment of the Microsoft .Net framework alongside MS SQL Server database
  • Robust full-text search functionality
  • Seamless integration with Kosmas' prevailing systems (including warehouse, MIS, AD, B2B portal)
  • Capability to incorporate a Content Server for e-books and, subsequently, audiobook downloads

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Our Approach: ASP.Net MVC Platform as the Foundation 

Given Kosmas' multifaceted operations spanning online, wholesale, and physical stores, a siloed e-shop solution was off the table. Beyond user experience, the solution mandated synchronization with external systems, such as accounting and inventory management.

"Through close collaboration with Kosmas' IT division, we achieved deep systems integration, facilitating phased expansion of data and product categories. While the e-shop maintains an independent database, data entry remains centralized."

Jan Krynický, LinkSoft Developer

The holistic solution leans on the Microsoft ASP.Net MVC platform, amalgamated with the Entity Framework for MS SQL database connectivity. This base was further enriched with LinkSoft Entity Framework 4 Extensions and Linksoft Forms for ASP.Net MVC.

User-first Design

Clear, Intuitive, No Frills Our design philosophy centered around intuitive navigation and uncluttered layouts. Greater prominence was accorded to user reviews and sample print previews. The revamped interface, catering to both committed buyers and casual browsers, offers an enriched experience.

Intelligent Search, Real-time Availability, & Guest Checkout 

The reimagined platform boasts a sophisticated full-text search engine. We've incorporated features like a loyalty program, real-time stock status across physical Kosmas stores, and hassle-free guest checkouts.

Seamless Integration

Apache Lucene with Microsoft The full-text search engine was bolstered by integrating the Apache Lucene tech via the SOLR.Net libraries, ensuring agility and search relevance.

Custom Content Hub for e-books 

The project's culmination saw the creation of a dedicated Content Server for e-books, allowing immediate downloads post-purchase.

Kosmas today: An Evolving and Thriving e-Shop

 Kosmas' e-shop has re-established its leadership in the sector. Customer delight is palpable, especially with the advanced search, streamlined design, and guest checkout option. The soaring sales of e-books and audiobooks testify to the success of our endeavor.


Aplikační server:

  • IIS as the original server, currently the system uses Azure Web App and AzureSQL
  • Asp.Net MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • LinkSoft Entity Framework 4 Extensions

Full text:

  • Lucene
  • SOLR.Net
  • DB Server:
  • MS SQL Server


  • Jquery
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • AJAX
  • CSS2

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