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We Love Technology

We are a team of software development specialists with many years of experience. We share enthusiasm for the latest technologies, but we are not afraid of the most unusual requirements. On the contrary, if it's possible, we'll figure it out. If it's not possible, we'll figure it out anyway.

We most commonly work on projects:

Enterprise solutions

Companies with complex business processes that require customized solutions.

E-commerce portals

E-shops that need more sophisticated features than common platforms offer.

Technological startups

Companies that want to be pioneers in new industries and need an agile development environment.

When is it worth developing custom applications and portals?

Custom software development is worthwhile in cases where existing generic solutions do not cover the specific needs of the business. It is particularly beneficial for companies requiring an agile development environment or more sophisticated features than those offered by common platforms.

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We specialize in the development of custom web applications and portals.

We develop functional software that meets the needs of our clients and is optimized for their specific requirements. Our solutions support the business of large multinational companies, but we also develop for businesses of all sizes.

We develop applications iteratively in two-week sprints, maintaining regular contact with the client. We rigorously review the code, and testing begins as soon as the architecture is defined and development starts.

Most of our development is on a greenfield - we digitize processes, replace inappropriate off-the-shelf solutions, outdated applications, or spreadsheet assemblies.

Applications and portals we are proud of:

Modern technologies, innovative approach & long-term support

Thanks to the use of standard technologies, you will never be dependent on a third party if you want to take over or modify the application. However, with our long-term support, you will always be in good hands, and with our approach to meaningful projects, we guarantee that the solution you provide will be fully functional and efficient.

Personal approach + perfect understanding of your goals = solution exactly according to your ideas.

Our colleagues have extensive experience in development in your industry. Thanks to this, they perfectly understand the needs of your business and your specific requirements and goals. They can therefore propose a solution that will work on time and within the set budget.

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Mirka Krupková | Business Development Manager