Customized Industry-Specific Applications

We develop specialized applications tailored to the specifics of your industry with a focus on quality, efficiency, and security.

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Customized solutions meeting unique needs and complying with the most demanding regulatory requirements

Specialized industry applications are suitable for companies that prioritize quality work or require complex and specific processes. These applications enable quick and accurate access to large volumes of data and assist companies in complying with numerous laws and regulations.

Financial sector

Portfolio management, accounting and financial analysis, risk management and compliance, securities trading and asset management, mortgage and loan management, market research, trend analysis, and more...

Industrial Engineering

CAD design and project management, process optimization, production planning and control, product testing and validation, quality management, and manufacturing equipment performance monitoring...

Applications for Healthcare

Patient records, medication management, laboratory tests and results, healthcare equipment management, financial tracking, and accounting...


Legal analysis and case management, document and contract management, legal process automation, monitoring of court proceedings and regulations, legal education and training...

Specialized Industry Applications vs. Custom Development - What's the Difference?

Specialized Applications

Specialized industry applications are developed with regard to the specifics of a particular industry. They have predefined functions that are required for a given sector and adapt to regulations and standards in that area. 

Custom Development

Custom applications are designed specifically for a particular client or company and their needs. They are developed on a bespoke basis and are often used to address specific issues that do not relate to the normal functioning of the industry.

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Minimize costs, increase your competitiveness, and expand your existing opportunities

Scalable and secure specialized applications, designed with the specifics of your industry in mind, efficiently automate tasks, optimize workflows, enhance data security, and leverage industry-relevant innovations to expand your existing capabilities.

What matters to us in the development of industry-specific applications:

  1. Process optimization Developing with consideration for industry specifics and addressing specific requirements allows for streamlining workflows.
  2. Cost reduction We design specialized applications with a focus on minimizing hardware and software licensing costs.
  3. Adherence to regulations and standards By developing in accordance with relevant regulations and constraints, you can ensure that your applications will comply with the regulations and standards of your industry.
  4. Easy implementation and integration Easy integration into existing IT systems enables the quick deployment of the application with minimal effort and costs.
  5. High security Security and data protection are ensured through specific security features that align with industry standards.
  6. Regular updates The possibility of long-term management and support ensures that the application remains functional and in line with the latest requirements and specifications.

Work with top experts experienced in developing for your specific use case

Our experts have extensive experience in developing specialized applications across various industries and specific use cases. They can avoid common pitfalls and recommend a specific approach to ensure that your solution is of high quality, efficient, and meets the specific needs of your industry as well as your specific requirements.

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Development of an industry-specific application step by step

  1. Consultations First, we want to thoroughly understand what you want to achieve with our solution. We will discuss it, sketch it out, etc., so that we can focus on the core of your problem.
  2. Analysis Our analysts understand both the IT and business worlds and are familiar with the specifics of your industry. They gather information until they have a clear understanding of how to achieve your solution and potentially prevent potential issues.
  3. Development We work efficiently, agilely, in sprints, and deliver in parts. Scrum is our own. We plan regularly and always make sure we understand each other correctly.
  4. Testing We use development best practices, code reviews, Git, DevOps principles, unit, regression, or automated tests where appropriate. We thoroughly test everything and deliver it ready for user testing.
  5. Support The product we create will be yours, and anyone will be able to handle future development and management. We would be happy to do it ourselves. We provide long-term support and maintenance for all solutions, ideally over the years.

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