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About us

  • We are a purely Czech company providing ICT services for both the Czech and foreign markets.
  • Most importantly, we are programmers and IT specialists. We know our craft, and we love it.
  • That's why we only work on what makes sense to us and what brings us joy – we don't do things unnecessarily.
  • We are growing, but we're not in a hurry. That gives us the freedom and space to choose talented, versatile colleagues who will fit in with us, be happy with us, and we will be happy with them.
  • We want colleagues who will be ours. And for those who are ours, we know how to take care of them.

Join us!

Happy people = good code

Some people prefer long-term work on a single solution. Others want to try out 6 projects within one year. Everyone is simply a different personality with a different dynamic. We will find what suits each individual. With us, you will have the opportunity to work in a great team on meaningful projects without unnecessary meetings and politics.

We tailor positions to fit the individual, not the other way around.

Our positions are not clearly defined. You will meet programmers with a reach into analysis or architecture, analysts who excel at project management, or testers who are gradually learning to program. Do you have ideas? Bring them here. Do you want to dive into something new? Then you're in the right place with us!

We train and develop!

We are (a bit) punk professionals. This requires a high level of professionalism. Therefore, our projects are primarily designed for intermediates and seniors who already have experience (and we continue to develop it further and further). However, we also accept talented juniors. Their education and development are then taken care of by one or more experienced colleagues.

No way we're putting programming on the back burner!

Your work will be visible. Really visible. We know our clients well and stay in touch with them. We understand what they want, and we do things that make sense. We only engage in projects that have a clearly defined business case based on the client's requirements.

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We are not a corporation or a start-up

We are a company founded by a former programmer, and it shows. We are growing, but we are not becoming a corporation – our processes remain simple, and communication is free and direct. Everyone has a say, everyone is heard, and every idea is listened to. At the same time, we have a strong foundation, we always pay on time, and before we start programming, we want to see a clear specification.

Everything is possible

Come to us with any idea. If it doesn't hinder teamwork or the quality of work for the client, we'll probably get excited about it too. Maybe you prefer a specific work schedule. Or you only drink coffee with plant-based milk. Here you can find electric drums, a punching bag, a soccer ball, a pull-up bar, a bike rack, a shower, parking, but also the opportunity to test the suitability of a new code quality control tool for a week and integrate it into the standard stack. We have almost everything here, and what we don't have, we can arrange.

What we are proud of

Contact us :)

Do you have something to offer? Then we have something to offer back. Let us know about yourself, even if your position is not currently listed here. No talent gets lost with us; sometimes we just have to wait for the right moment.

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