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About us

  • We’re a purely Czech company providing ICT services for the Czech and foreign markets. 
  • But above all, we are programmers and IT specialists. 
  • We know and love our craft. 
  • That’s why we only work on what makes sense to us and what we enjoy - we don’t want to do things needlessly. 
  • We are growing, but are in no hurry. That gives us the freedom and room to choose talented and versatile colleagues who will fit in with us, who will be happy with us and us with them. 
  •  Those we can call our own. And we know how to take care of our own.

Satisfied people = great code

Some people prefer long-term work on a single solution. Some want to try six projects over the course of a year. Everybody is simply different and they all have their own dynamic. Everybody finds their place. With us you will get the opportunity to work in a wonderful collective on meaningful projects without unnecessary meetings and policies.

We adapt the position to fit the person, not the other way around

Our positions are not clearly defined. You will meet programmers here whose expertise extends to analysis or architecture, analysts who are exceptional project managers and testers who are gradually learning how to program. Do you have ideas? Let’s hear them. Do you want to dive into something new? Then this is the right place for you!

Programs ending up in a drawer? Not a chance!

Your work will be visible. Really visible. We know our clients very well and are in frequent contact with them. We understand what they want, and we do things so that they make sense from any vantage point. We only dive into projects that have a clearly defined business case based on the client's requirements.

We teach and develop!

You could call us professional punks, or better yet, punk professionals. No matter what, this requires a great deal of professionalism. Thus, our projects are built more for people who already have quite a bit of experience (and we continue to develop them further). But we also accept talented people who are just finding their wings. One or more experienced colleagues will help with their training and development.

We are not a corporation nor a start-up

We are a company founded by a former programmer and that is evident. We are growing, but we are not becoming a corporation – our processes remain simple and our communication free and to the point. Everyone has a say, everyone is listened to, every idea heard. At the same time, we have a strong background, we always pay on time and before we start programming, we want to see a clear assignment.

Everything is possible

Come to us with any idea. If it does not prevent teamwork or the quality of work for the client, we will also probably get excited about it. Maybe you need different working hours. Or you only drink coffee with non-dairy milk. You can find electric drums, a punching bag, foosball, a horizontal bar, a bike room, showers, parking, and also the possibility to test the suitability of a new code quality control tool within a week and to put it in a standard stack. We have almost everything here and if we don't have it, we can get it.

What we are proud of

Get in touch

Do you have something to offer? Then we have something to offer back. Let us know about yourself, even if your position is not listed here. With us, no talent will be wasted, we only have to sometimes wait for the right moment.