We love .NET

Business requirements change, and good software must be able to adapt to them.

The driving force behind most projects at LinkSoft is therefore .NET

  • It provides a scalable platform,
  • a stable technological stack,
  • features that enable continuous development,
  • and helps our developers think outside the box while keeping each project firmly under control.

Our favorite stack

We decided to use .NET Core as soon as version 2.0 arrived (and have since been using the latest versions of .NET, i.e., 6 and 7). The pilot project was a major one for the Central Bank of Iraq. It involved custom development of a data reporting and consolidation system (BSRS - Banking Supervision Reporting System) that was worked on by up to 12 developers in some sprints. The system architecture is based on separate dockerized modules/services (demographic information, reporting, case management, external API, license registration, workflow settings and management, notifications/communications, etc.). Today, we see that it was a good choice - the system is in production, and thanks to the microservice architecture, it is easy to maintain and develop.

On the frontend, we prefer React, but depending on the project's needs, we also use Next.js, Vue.js, Angular, and more. We create modern distributed systems where cloud-native makes sense (most often Azure).

.NET in practice - projects we are proud of

We're looking for a new team member

There's a big fintech project in store, spanning several thousand mandays, built on a microservices architecture and the latest .NET stack. We'll be completely replacing the current solution based on a precise specification, so we're looking forward to it :)

Position details

What we focus on in development

Our applications are developed iteratively with 14-day sprints, constant contact with business / client, mandatory code reviews, and dedicated testing capacity from the moment architecture is defined and development begins.

Almost all the applications we write are for B2B, where we have plenty of room to focus on scalability, code quality, and fulfilling the pre-defined business requirements rather than inventing a product and endless fine-tuning of the appearance.

Our approach to frontend development is based on the fact that most of our React (and Next.js) developers are either full-stack or originally focused on backend in .NET, so they mainly focus on writing functional and uncomplicated UI. Our design is usually modest or provided by the client or specialized graphic studios.

One of our favorite tools is the ABP.IO framework (formerly known as ASP.NET Boilerplate) - an open-source web application framework for ASP.NET Core. This allows us to focus on the business logic of applications and reuse standard parts of applications (such as Authentication & Authorization).

Most of our development starts from scratch - we digitize processes, replace inappropriate off-the-shelf solutions, outdated applications, or table-based reports.

We also have good experience in taking over older .NET systems, fixing the biggest "problems," and rewriting them into a new stack.

The result of our development belongs to the client - they are not dependent on us for further development, we don't create vendor lock-in, and we are fair.

Join Us

We are a purely Czech company providing ICT services for both the Czech and foreign markets. Above all, we are programmers, and we love our craft. We develop for fintech, publishing industry, services, transportation, construction, healthcare... but we only work on what makes sense to us and what excites us. No one will be bored with us.

Career at LinkSoft

  • We tailor positions to fit the individual, not the other way around - everyone can find their place here. And it truly shows.
  • We don't like pigeonholing and we never engage in such projects.
  • We're constantly growing, but we're not a corporation, and we don't want to become one. Everyone has a say here, and everyone is heard.
  • Got an idea? Bring it on! At LinkSoft, we know that the best way to good code is through happy people.
  • Whether it's from home or the office - most of us genuinely look forward to work :)
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