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In LinkSoft, we develop customized software

We develop systems both on-premise and in the cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP), and we specialize in facilitating transitions from on-premise to the cloud, as well as migrations between two cloud platforms.

Custom Cloud Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you want to streamline team collaboration, optimize and distribute costs more efficiently, modernize and secure your applications and infrastructure, or fully leverage available cloud services, we can assist you in choosing the right approach. We'll help you select the best solution based on cost-effectiveness, implementation time, performance, and security.

We'll Advise You

We'll assist you in choosing the appropriate approach for utilizing cloud technologies and help you select the best solution.

That interests me

Azure cloud

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that offer freedom in building, managing, and deploying applications using any development tools and popular languages. With MS Azure, you will have access to a vast amount of computing resources with just a few mouse clicks. 

Proof of concept

You can test the solution on a small or custom-selected set of data and then turn it off with just the press of a button. 

License Purchase

We facilitate license purchases, assist with design, and support the migration of a portion or the entire existing infrastructure to one or more Azure services. We also provide technical support in Czech. The cost of Azure services is based on the actual utilization of performance or capacity. 

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Thanks to cloud services, you can easily, quickly, and without the need for your own IT infrastructure deploy new applications and technologies, connect processes and data, and create innovative products and services. These capabilities help you adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and promptly respond to emerging customer needs.

5 reasons why you will like it in the cloud

  1. Flexibility and Scalability You can easily and quickly increase capacity or add/remove features without the need for hardware infrastructure.
  2. Availability and Security Redundant hardware and advanced security features such as encryption or protection against DDoS ensure the security of data and the availability of services.
  3. No on-premise infrastructure No proprietary hardware is required. Services or programs are hosted on the cloud provider's infrastructure.
  4. I pay for what I use. There is no need for an initial investment in proprietary infrastructure, and you can easily adjust the volume of services according to current needs.
  5. Access from anywhere Access to data and applications from anywhere, anytime, enables remote work and enhances your working conditions.

With LinkSoft as your Cloud Service Provider, the transition to the cloud will be a breeze

Understanding the range of cloud services and configuring them so that you don't overpay unnecessarily is not easy. A cloud service provider has the expertise, tools, and technologies to help you implement cloud solutions with minimal time and cost.

If you are considering a move to the cloud, get in touch with us - our certified cloud specialists have extensive experience with cloud projects across industries and are ready to advise you.

What we are proud of:

Implementation of cloud solutions step by step

  1. Consultation & Analysis We will understand what you want to achieve with the cloud. Considering your requirements and budget, we will evaluate whether a cloud solution is the most advantageous for you.
  2. Purchasing Services We will select suitable tools, purchase the necessary licenses, and assist you in configuring the desired features.
  3. Support We will be ready to assist you with the purchase of additional services or capacity and support you in case of any other requests.

Customized Cloud Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Do you want to streamline team collaboration, optimize and better distribute costs, modernize and secure your applications and infrastructure, or fully leverage available cloud services? We will advise you on choosing the right approach and help you select the best solution based on cost-effectiveness, implementation time, performance, and security.

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Mirka Krupková | Business Development Manager

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