We love technology. But people are in first place for us.

We’re building on the equation: good relations = happy people = good code = happy client.

About LinkSoft

We are a purely Czech company established on the European market. After ten years of independent activities, in 2018 we became part of SUDOP CIT, an important player in the field of digital transformation for the European market. We pride ourselves on a personal approach and we build long-term partnerships with our customers. More than 150 talented colleagues work here on the delivery of quality software customised according to individual requirements with an emphasis on approaches and solutions tested in practice.

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Our values

  1. Fairness We truly deliver what we promise.
    We stand behind what we say. We pride ourselves that you can be sure that you can rely on us.
  2. Professionalism We take software development personally. We will only give the green light to projects that make sense to us and that we know we can deliver in a high quality.
  3. A personal approach We want to build relationships with our clients. For us it's not just about doing business - we want you to enjoy working with us and we want to enjoy working with you.

Get to know us

Jiří Manda

Jiří Manda


Jirka is the head and heart of LinkSoft. He founded it in 2008 with a vision to perform his craft well and to build relationships with clients rather than to make a quick buck. And this is as true now as it was back then. In LinkSoft, Jirka established his own start-up after working in multinational companies for many years. Here he has found an opportunity to get the client excited for the idea of an information system with added value and to be part of its design and creation. He perceives software development as a creative activity that brings together interesting, often slightly punk personalities. Kiteboarding also attracts the exact same types of people. Jirka is an avid sports enthusiast and he has enticed the entire LinkSoft team to get involved as an ideal way to relax tired brains after intellectually demanding work.

Tereza Velebilová

Tereza Velebilová

CPO/HR Director

We love technology in LinkSoft, but people are in first place for us. Tereza loves LinkSoft and, as the CPO, she is in charge of everything that is human. Many years of headhunting experience, consultation for demanding clients, working with exceptional candidates and building her own company have made her a leader in recruitment and people management. She knows how to recognise, develop and motivate a talented person. She knows everyone in LinkSoft personally and takes care of everyone individually and, in addition to her colleagues, she also pampers several key clients. She's surrounded by people all day long, so it's no wonder that she likes to read in her free time. Recently, Terry Pratchett (and his witches!) have been at the top of her reading list.

Jiří Živnůstka

Jiří Živnůstka


As the CEO of LinkSoft, Jirka draws on decades of experience in international trade, sales, BI and consultancy. Working on projects around the entire world has refined his ability to find consensus across differing opinions, perspectives, and cultures. Changing established but inefficient business patterns so that they work is a challenge for him, and he enjoys it. He also enjoys working with wood. According to him, it is about precision as well as the ability to fix mistakes on the move so that the result is worthwhile.

Vladan Kukol

Vladan Kukol

COO/Delivery director

Vladan has been overseeing the delivery of projects in LinkSoft as the Delivery Director since 2018. He has been involved in hundreds of projects as both a developer and manager, from the establishment of a data warehouse for a large bank to the development of critical software for pacemakers to the start of the digitisation of the Czech state. In addition, he also supervises youth, training kids in floorball several times a week. As he says, floorball is a sport with a spark and it has not yet lost the spirit of sportsmanship.

Jan Nielsen

Jan Nielsen

CTO/Technology Director

Honza is a constant here in LinkSoft; he has been working here for over ten years. As the Technology Director, he is primarily involved in architecture, design, analyses and problem solving. He has worked on projects of all types and sizes, from a local publishing house to international companies. In order not to lose his touch, he also likes to get involved in some of them as a developer. This is his lifelong hobby; he began programming at the age of 12. He focuses on the Nordic market. His family comes from Denmark, where he returns several times a year.

Jan Hron

Jan Hron

CSO/Sales Director

Well-defined projects delivered on time and within budget, with satisfied clients the result. This is the domain of our Sales Director Honza. In order to be able to deliver such a project, he first examines the broader perspective: what, why, and what for. Then he immerses himself in the details, refining each of them until they all together form a functional whole. Prior to joining LinkSoft in 2019, Honza managed a number of projects and teams of various sizes: from 30 people in a bank transformation project to teams of only a few members. In short, he has teamwork in his blood and he also enjoys it in his spare time. Playing board games with friends is his favourite way to relax.

Our story

Slava Ukraini

With grinding teeth we are following the tragedy going on in Ukraine and try to support brave Ukrainians. 

This May has been an imporant milestone for LinkSoft, as we got capital connected with a new little brother - software company profiq, with whom we can work on new inventions from Silicon Valley.

In November, we took another step towards building a developer supergroup – we welcomed a new member to the LinkSoft Group, the Czech consulting and technology company BizzTreat dedicated to data analysis.

And after 12 years, we redesigned our brand.


The virtual party gets started

Together with the rest of the world, we learned to function from home, where we had to hole up for a long time due to Covid. In our pyjamas and in the vortex of virtual parties, we are building our systems and riding the wave of global digitisation at high speed. We just simply lucked out and have been very successful.

Is LinkSoft different?

We are returning to the Czech Republic, settling in at Anděl Park in Prague, getting a big brother in the form of Sudop Group a.s., becoming LinkSoft Technologies a.s., and growing a bit more again. A year full of changes. But we haven't changed. We still love technology and create information systems that work.

10 years Linksoft   Sudop Group

The question is, can it get even better?

The information systems in our company are popping up like mushrooms after rain, we have a great team and the constant clattering of jackhammers outside our windows reminds us that the economy is booming all around us. Oh, and we love javascript.

ReactJs   Angular   NodeJs

Another good year

We are working on projects in Europe, Australia and America. We are working for other major customers from the area of financing and we are a partner of Konica Minolta, which sells our PLDA worldwide.

And we keep getting bigger and bigger.

4 Finance   Upskill   Konica Minolta

We are heading out into the world

We have maintained our growth rate from 2010; LinkSoft is suddenly three bigger compared to 2010. In the Czech Republic, we are working for ČSOB, for example, and we are also strengthening our customer portfolio abroad. The LinkSoft headquarters are moving to London and now does business in the Czech Republic through a branch office.

In Prague, we are moving to the city’s Silicon Valley... Smíchov. All of a sudden, we have 2 whole floors, lots of windows and a grill on the terrace.


We’re accelerating

Suddenly we are growing in leaps and bounds. We’re getting big orders and moving into an office with windows.

Kosmas   Makro   Monster

LinkSoft is born

There are three of us and we are sitting in a basement in Business Centrum Klamovka in Prague.


Would you like to work with us?

Do you have any questions or are considering to contract our services? Reach out to us or leave us your contact.
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