Consulting and software services for the non-banking sector

Optimize your business models, enhance agility, and improve the customer experience

Non-binding consultation

The financial sector is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of new trends provides a competitive advantage. We will design the best solution for you, both from a user and business perspective.

Over a decade of experience in the non-banking sector

We have extensive experience in custom software development for financial service providers, ranging from fintech startups to established financial institutions. We have a deep understanding of the legislative and regulatory requirements of the non-banking market, and we can quickly adapt our solutions to future changes.

Modern Technologies, Personal Approach, and Regulatory Expertise

Regulatory Expertise

Thanks to our deep understanding of the regulated financial environment, we always deliver solutions in compliance with current regulations.


We have experience in digitalizing non-banking products, both cash-based and purely online.

Stable Business Results

We can implement an information system to have a positive impact on business results as quickly as possible.


We offer long-term support, allowing you to adapt the system to the development of your products or changes in your business model.

Quick Delivery

We provide solutions quickly, with the shortest deployment time and minimal disruption to operations.

Systems for Hundreds of Users and Tens of Thousands of Customers

We develop systems capable of handling complex organizational structures, hundreds of users, and tens of thousands of customers, all in a 24/7 mode.

Get a Solution Tailored to Your Business

Our experienced team, with decades of experience in the non-banking sector and deep knowledge of its functioning, products, and regulatory requirements, is ready to advise you.

Non-binding consultation

Our collaboration step by step

  1. Consultation & analysis We will understand your business model and what you want to achieve through our solution. We will assess your business and technical processes, as well as the legislative framework, and propose a technical solution. We will conduct a feasibility analysis for implementing new information systems.
  2. Development & testing We work efficiently and agilely in sprints, delivering in increments. Scrum is our method. We utilize development best practices, conduct code reviews, use Git, follow DevOps principles, and employ unit, regression, and automated tests. We are proficient in deploying and operating solutions in the cloud or on-premises environments.
  3. Integration of the information system In case you are working with multiple information systems, we will set up connections between the individual systems and verify that everything is functioning as it should.
  4. Training & methodology We will ensure that everyone can work with the new system effectively. Either we will personally train your employees, or we will assist you in preparing training materials that you can conduct internally.
  5. Support The product we create will be yours, and anyone will be able to manage its future development and maintenance. We are happy to provide long-term support and maintenance for all solutions, ideally over the course of years.

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