Information System SNIM: Enhancing Communication Efficiency in Construction

Case Study 23. 06. 2022 5 minutes

Over the past ten years, the construction sector in the Czech Republic has experienced significant digital evolution. With intricate processes and complex terminology becoming the norm, the Expert Council for BIM took the initiative to streamline the digital construction jargon. Their creation: The Data Standard for Non-graphic Information of a 3D Model, or SNIM. LinkSoft was entrusted to craft an information system for managing SNIM efficiently. Their commitment spanned the complete project life cycle, from requirements gathering to deployment.

Client: czBIM – Expert Council for BIM 

czBIM operates as an autonomous platform, aiming to elevate the standards of Czech construction. Their focus lies in advancing the quality, promoting the Building Information Model (BIM) adoption, and introducing innovative trends in the Czech Republic.

Initial Challenge: SNIM Management in Excel 

SNIM, originally designed as a unified terminology database, encountered management challenges due to its Excel format. Tomáš Čermák from BIM Consulting describes the outdated mode, "Imagine working with seven separate Excel files, fraught with duplicates and inconsistencies. A shift to a more efficient system was inevitable."

Task: Develop an Efficient Web System for SNIM 

Management czBIM's vision for LinkSoft was clear – a user-friendly, scalable system, capable of integrating with future standards. "Despite budget constraints and tight deadlines, our direct interaction with the model creators armed us with insights, ensuring the system's success," remarked Vladan Kukol, the project's delivery director at LinkSoft. 

Desired System Features:

  • User authentication and role management
  • Multiple simultaneous user access
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • Directory and SNIM model management
  • Data migration from the existing model
  • Export functionality to .xls format
  • Solution: SPA Application Utilizing .NET Core, React.js, and MS SQL Server 

    Constructed with a lean budget and timeline, the SNIM application is a Single Page Application (SPA). The frontend employs React.js, while the backend leverages .NET Core (C#). "Adopting a rapid development technology and SCRUM methodology, our team of five brought the vision to life, hitting all project milestones," Vladan proudly shared.

    Technologies Deployed: Application Server:

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework Core
  • ASP.NET Boilerplate (with components like AutoMapper, Swagger, FluentValidation)
  • XUnit for Unit Tests
  • DocumentFormat.OpenXml for Excel export
  • DB Server:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Front-end:
  • React (including Hooks), Redux
  • HTML5, LESS, TypeScript
  • Various tools such as Ant Design, TSLint, and Webpack
  • Outcome: Streamlining BIM Design in Czech Republic

     The SNIM system, now integral to numerous BIM projects, boasts over 800 registered construction professionals. Tomáš Čermák illustrates its impact, "This system brings clarity for both clients and designers. Today, every designer I interact with reaps its benefits."