Power Platform as a Tool for Succession Planning in Companies

Case Study 28. 02. 2023 5 minutes

Transitioning roles and responsibilities to another employee, known as succession, stands as a paramount duty for HR and company leadership. Addressing this shouldn't wait until there's a vacancy. Instead, proactive measures like monitoring employee potential and investing in their growth should start early. This foresight led us at LinkSoft to craft a system adept at overseeing and facilitating the entire succession journey in a secure, user-friendly, and efficient manner.

The Rationale Behind the Succession System

When a company lacks a proper succession plan, and a pivotal player is unable to fulfill their duties, the ripple effect can jeopardize the company's entire business continuity.

It's thus imperative to anticipate such scenarios. Key roles and their respective incumbents should be clearly identified, and potential successors earmarked. This ensures that successors are ready to step in, be it immediately or within a foreseeable future.

With this vision, we introduced the Succession System Application. Its design assists clients in pinpointing and tracking critical roles, potential replacements, and gauging their preparedness to transition smoothly.

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Solution: The Succession App on Microsoft Power Platform 

The foundation of our application is the Microsoft Power platform. While PowerApps forms the developmental backbone, we've integrated Online SharePoint for data storage. Additionally, Power Automate stands central to backend automation, ensuring seamless data transitions.

"Our holistic solution leans on the advanced capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform. It's a cloud-first approach devoid of hidden costs, with clients billed only for the MS enterprise license they possess. The agility of LowCode tools was instrumental, allowing rapid adaptation to application needs, all thanks to ready-to-use connectors and automation assets."

Richard Matoušek, Programmer at LinkSoft  

Key Features of the Application:

  • User management: Add or modify, be it one or many.
  • Customize succession paths for individual or collective companies.
  • Visualize with tree diagrams, tailored for a single entity or a conglomerate.
  • Data export flexibility: Choose between PDF or Excel.
  • Granular access controls to fit varied organizational requisites.
  • Enhanced employee profiling: Document education, readiness levels, certifications, and more.
  • A crafted employee profile not only creates inter-user linkages but also plots the employee on the succession roadmap. This visual aid illuminates the succession hierarchy for any given role. When choices abound, users can alternate views, optimizing their planning and response strategies. 

    "Our venture into application development symbolizes our commitment to embed effective succession practices across our corporate cluster. This platform doesn't just simplify; it illuminates. The amalgamation of cohesive visuals, intuitive interfaces, and temporal tracking of successor readiness grants us a bird's-eye view. It's our compass, directing us to gauge our present, strategize for the future, and armor against unforeseen organizational turbulences."

    HR Director, Group of Construction Companies

    Deployed Technologies:

  • PowerApps: Our bespoke application thrives on PowerApps, a holistic suite teeming with apps, services, connectors, and data ecosystems for swift application genesis.
  • PowerAutomate: Power Automate is our chosen ally for data tweaks and transfers, infusing automation into our inter-app workflows, data aggregation, and file syncs.
  • SharePoint Online: As our data repository, SharePoint Online offers a fortified haven for data storage, structure, and dissemination.
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