Online credit marketplace for SMEs

Case Study 02. 02. 2022 5 minutes

Background: Creditinfo's Global Initiative

Initiated by Creditinfo CEE, part of the global-reaching Creditinfo Group, this project was birthed with a mission. The group champions financial inclusion, strengthens financial literacy, and amplifies the pathway for customers to navigate the financial market.

At the heart of Creditinfo's services are its client information registries, branded as Credit Bureaus. Catering to both mainstream banks and alternative financial entities, these registries play a pivotal role in democratizing financial access for individuals and institutions globally. Augmenting this, Creditinfo's palette of offerings is painted with decision analytics products – from behavioral to socio-economic scoring tools, and apps that harness client data to refine credit risk assessments.

Objective: Connecting SMEs with Banks

Crafting a bridge between SMEs and banks, this innovative application unfurls as a "marketplace". While it's a common structure in European realms, its true value shines in less matured markets, such as those in Africa. The platform stands as a bulwark against financial risks from the inception of the contractual bond. Escalated risks, often sprouting from insolvency or credit frauds, naturally push up interest rates. By mediating and mitigating these risks, the platform not only tempers loan costs but also injects liquidity into the market.

Specifications: Building a User-Centric Platform

  • A bifurcated portal: "SME Registration / Access" & "Financial Institutions' Entry".
  • User-centric distinct environments.
  • Tailored workflows mirroring user profiles.
  • Comprehensive admin controls for content, users, requests, and redressal mechanisms.
  • A nimble architecture, ready for swift market expansions and adaptabilities like configurable lookups.
  • Seamless integration capabilities with external ecosystems via APIs.
  • Language versatility, embracing both LTR and RTL script orientations, priming it for markets like the Arabic-speaking regions.
  • Implementation: Modern Tech, Seamless Integration

    With a blend of modern frontend and backend strategies, the application thrives on a streamlined thin-client approach. Its communication arteries are paved with REST API, fostering seamless client-server dialogues.

    The application's skeletal structure is draped in simplicity, a choice that begets flexibility. This allows clients to tweak settings without delving into the application's coding matrix. Additionally, the in-built API channels cater to external services, predominantly the Creditinfo system. Complementing this, the platform incorporates a payment gateway, calibrated for the specific geographies of its client base.

    Tech Stack: Core Systems & Interface

    • Application Environment: .NET Core, Windows Server (housed on VMWare), bolstered by IIS.
    • Database: MS SQL Server.
    • Interface & Connectivity: Front-end magic via ReactJS paired with a REST/JSON API backend.