Merging Two Banks: Behind Migrating Data for 500,000 Customers

The Role of Data Warehouses and Oracle in the Process

Case Study 20. 03. 2023 5 minutes

In a single weekend, Raiffeisenbank culminated its nearly two-year merger with Equa bank, seamlessly migrating data for half a million clients. This challenging feat involved moving large amounts of sensitive data and was achieved through meticulous planning, months of preparation, and rigorous testing. Hundreds of individuals contributed to this success, notably the DWH specialist team from LinkSoft. 

Upon their inaugural login, Equa bank clients were greeted with their products and services, perfectly integrated. The intricate merging process involved several phases:

5 phases of migration:

  • Legal and Technical Preparations:
  • Determination of Migration Scope:
  • Migration Stream Setup and Automation:
  • In-depth Testing:
  • Migration Weekend:

Phase 1: Legal and Technical Preparations:

Before the migration, Raiffeisenbank tackled legal requirements, assimilated new infrastructures, and defined the extent of data to be transferred.

Phase 2: Determination of Migration Scope:

Post legal formalities, the team discerned which Equa bank services, products, and IT systems would continue or be phased out. Notably, the bank chose to retain the fast online loan service.

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Phase 3: Migration Stream Setup and Automation:

The migration was segmented into manageable 'streams' based on the type of business – from mortgages to current accounts. This segmentation eased the identification, transformation, and validation of data.

Phase 4: In-depth Testing

Prior to the actual migration, the team conducted numerous simulations to identify and rectify any errors, ensuring a seamless transition.

Phase 5: Migration Weekend

Banking systems experienced downtime for the migration, strategically scheduled over a weekend to minimize customer inconvenience.

One particular challenge was the existing overlap between bank clients. Approximately 50,000 clients were registered with both banks, necessitating a synchronization mechanism to prevent data duplication. Jan Jurečka, a DWH Specialist at LinkSoft, reflected: 

"We meticulously analyzed data from both entities, identified overlaps, and discerned duplicates. Our aim? To adjust the structures to guarantee an error-free transition. The process was fully automated, showcasing the synergy between human expertise and technology."

An interesting hurdle was the migration of Equa bank's loan applications. These provided valuable insights into client risk profiles. However, Raiffeisenbank only required this data under certain conditions, and the extraction had to be executed within a stringent 6-hour timeframe. This necessitated the creation of a bespoke system logic and solution.Jurečka shared, "The bank had specific requirements. We were restricted to a tight 6-hour timeframe, necessitating a bespoke solution, a custom system logic crafted from scratch."

Thanks to intensive preparation, rehearsal, and the dedication of all involved, the migration was executed flawlessly and ahead of schedule. Both Raiffeisenbank's existing clients and newcomers from Equa bank could access online and mobile banking almost a day earlier than anticipated. Today, a vast majority of former Equa clients effortlessly use internet or mobile banking.

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