Linksoft Tech News: Sudo notepad and Gemini becomes Gemini

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Blog 16. 02. 2024 2 minutes

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Google figured that it's way too easy to keep track of AI tools, so they've rebranded the established Bard to Gemini. This move isn't much of a surprise, as Bard has been using the Gemini model since December. However, the rebranding also brings a few other changes, such as the introduction of the paid Gemini Advanced version, the planned ability to create images, etc.

Microsoft has begun testing this year's big update for Windows 11, 24h2. Aside from a bunch of other improvements that will, as per usual, be introduced over the year, it also adds the ability to use the sudo command in PowerShell. By the way, when people managed to bypass the minimum requirements for Windows 11, their system "went from unsupported to unbootable" as Ars Technica succinctly pointed out.

OpenAI introduced a new text-to-video model called Sora. Based on text prompts, it can generate complex videos. The model is not yet publicly available; at this time, it is in the hands of security experts. No information on pricing or a planned public release date is available yet.

AI News

Great news: ChatGPT will have memory! Ladies and gentlemen, our nightmares came true: ChatGPT will have memory! Okay, seriously now. The chat tool from OpenAI will gain the ability to collect information (like your preferences, personal data, etc.) and refer back to it during conversations.

And to help our memory keep track of everything that AI has drawn, DALL-E will insert metadata into its images with information that it was created by this tool. This certainly pleased Meta, which decided to label content generated by AI from OpenAI and Google on Facebook and Instagram.

Other Tech Snippets

Deepfake technology was used to steal 25 million from a certain company in Hong Kong. Fraudsters used video conference recordings to create AI-generated likenesses of the company's employees. These imitations then convinced their very real colleague to send a large sum of company money to a series of bank accounts.

A court in California sided with OpenAI in three lawsuits filed by writers. They accused OpenAI of illegally providing their books as learning data to their AI. ChatGPT was supposedly able to create derivative works. However, the court found that none of the three plaintiffs managed to prove that ChatGPT generated text violating copyright.

Laptops from Apple and Chromebooks won the competition for the least repairable laptops! According to a study, computers from Apple and various manufacturers' Chromebooks absolutely fail in terms of easy disassembly and repair. On the other hand, Asus and Acer laptops are much better in this regard, albeit still far from perfect.


Microsoft announced its plans for .NET 9.0. Basically, it's all about improvements in cloud native and AI development.

VS Code stopped working in Ubuntu 18. If this news concerns you, maybe it's time for an upgrade after six years.

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