Prague Metro Line D Tunnel

Excavation using modern monitoring and safer technologies

14. 04. 2023 5 minutes

The construction of Metro Line D is in full swing. Excavating new tunnels, however, is not without its risks – building underground in challenging conditions and densely populated areas of the city requires the utmost safety measures. The smooth progress of construction and the safety of the tunnel and surrounding structures and buildings are ensured by more modern tunneling methods and monitoring systems.

During the design and excavation of the tunnel, it is essential to prioritize the safety not only of the tunnel itself but also of the surrounding structures and buildings that could be affected by uncontrolled rock movement. Geotechnical supervision of linear structures closely monitors rock movements and other influences.

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When planning and building tunnels, numerous factors come into play: the topography of the terrain, slope of the land, substrate, rocks, underground and surface waters. All of these aspects affect stability and safety. To promptly address any potential issues and adjust plans if needed, deformations and shifts in the tunnel and its surroundings are constantly measured.

Modern monitoring systems help prevent risks. Data is collected through various systems and sensors placed in the tunnel, on the surface, and on surrounding buildings. Geotechnical experts gain a comprehensive and dynamic overview of the tunnel's condition, along with information about changes in the tunnel's vicinity such as wall movements, the amount of compressed and expanding material around the tunnels, water levels, cracks, or movements in nearby buildings. However, residents of Prague need not worry about their homes.

The SIISEL information system allows for navigating through vast amounts of data

The construction of the Metro Line D tunnel under Prague is massive, and there are many potential risks, leading to a vast amount of data.

"Two companies from the SUDOP GROUP, GeoTec-GS a.s, providing a wide range of services in geotechnics, engineering geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, remedial geology, and structural diagnostics, and PUDIS a.s., a traditional project, exploration, and engineering company in the field of road construction and urban engineering, approached us with a request for the development of a new system for monitoring and evaluating geodetic measurements in linear structures, such as tunnels and roads."

Jan Hron | Business Director LinkSoft

Handling a massive amount of real-time data through the Internet of Things (IoT), one of the most advanced information systems for tunnel and linear structure monitoring, SIISEL, developed by LinkSoft, provides comprehensive and continuous insights into the metro construction. This allows geotechnical experts and other specialists to optimize tunnel construction and quickly respond to any changes.

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How does SIISEL monitor the construction of the metro?

Primary data is fed into the information system. It processes and presents the data in the form of graphs, usually over time, illustrating how the monitored variables change. Simultaneously, it categorizes the data, allowing users to choose which data are important to them at a given moment and what they need to monitor. For sophisticated constructions like Metro Line D, warning levels are established—values at which the monitored variable changes to become critical, serious, or noteworthy.

Automatic Alerts for Potential Risks

Users configure values within the system that are acceptable during measurements. If these limits are exceeded, the system automatically alerts the user. This prevents the oversight or delayed identification of risky values.

Clear Visualization

Graphic visualization aids in quickly and effectively monitoring the construction progress. Vector profiles, interactive graphs, and maps present a clear overview. Users can track the current construction status on a dashboard.

User-Friendly Interface

The system is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The interface of the clear web application offers maximum simplicity, a clean design, clear display, and modern navigation in two language options: Czech and English.

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