Linksoft's AI Evolution: Transforming Everyday Tasks

Blog - David Orolin | Senior Programmer

Blog 19. 12. 2023 6 minutes

AI. For over a year, these two letters occupy worldwide headlines prominently. According to these, AI can be just about anything, ranging from a flawless assistant all the way to a machine which will end humanity.

So it’s a good thing that at Linksoft, we’re not afraid of no AI. For over a year we have been getting acquainted with a wide range of AI tools and we have applied them to an array of everyday tasks. In this time, we have discovered that while AI tools have a lot of potential, users also need to be wary of their problems. And that at the end of the day, AI tools will not spell our doom, but they’re also far from flawless. Here at Linksoft, we will eagerly share the knowledge we have gained!

So how do AI tools help our everyday tasks?

Martin (Project Manager) has hired ChatGPT as his personal assistant. It helps him with a whole bunch of tasks, such as fast lookup and processing of information from project’s lengthy technical documentation or even things like suggestions for team-building activities.

A client has asked John (Network Engineer) to configure a new proxy server according to a configuration file that he has never encountered before. That is why he requested help from Google Bard to read and understand the contents of the file and apply the configuration to a project he’s working on. After checking the results against the documentation, he completed the work in a few hours. It would have taken him days without Google Bard.

Lena (UI Designer) uses DALL-E for rapid d esign prototyping. She can then iterate on the prototypes into a result she ends up linking and then she can just let Adobe Firefly in Photoshop finalize her work.

Peter (Tech Lead) has noticed that his team is spending an inordinate amount of time on repetitive activities. He decided to use Github Copilot to solve his team's individual problems. Rather than spending a week on this, he was able to automate his team's processes in a single day, and save a great deal of time for them.

Lucas (Programmer) used to spend a lot of time writing key unit tests to cover his code. Thanks to Tabnine, he can automatically generate the outline for his new unit tests, including testing data and finding edge cases. Now he can focus on actually writing code, which is a task that Tabnine can help with as well.

Instead of staring at a blank page for twenty minutes, I can ask Google Bard to write the first draft of this article. Sure, then I’ll proceed to tell Bard that it’s dumb and rewrite most of it, but that’s twenty minutes I have spent productively. And now that I’m done I’ll ask Bard to proofread the whole thing, because it’s actually quite good at that.

David Orolin | Senior Programmer

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Every time a new major automation technology comes around, people get terrified of losing their jobs. As you can see, however, AI tools can be used to radically improve your work efficiency and to assist with tasks you struggle with. Contact us for assistance in navigating the emerging technological landscape.