Azure Communication Services - Video Chat in Cloud Native

Case Study 07. 02. 2023 7 minutes

In today's hyper-competitive banking landscape, digital transformation has emerged as a pivotal element for financial institutions. Digital services not only augment the overall customer experience but, to end-users, are often deemed as, if not more, vital than the services themselves.

Yet, the onus of data security in the banking sector is notably more pronounced than in many other industries. Beyond just adhering to an array of legislative mandates, banking is particularly susceptible to a spectrum of cyber threats, ranging from DoS and phishing attacks to malware and spear-phishing exploits.

Debunking the Myth: Cloud's Unsuitability for Banking 

Historically, many financial establishments held reservations about the cloud's security robustness in banking scenarios. However, contemporary sentiments starkly contrast these past apprehensions.

"The misconception that cloud adoption in the banking sector compromises security is merely a myth. Equipped with the right tools, specialized expertise, and meticulous configurations, cloud computing can indeed forge a fortified environment, completely compliant with legislative prerequisites. By harnessing the cloud's multifaceted benefits, banks can not only innovate with agility but also align seamlessly with evolving industry dynamics."

Václav Hrach, Azure Specialist, LinkSoft

Driven by a commitment to innovation and enhancing client experiences, we conceptualized a cloud-native chat-assisted customer service solution for a forward-thinking financial institution.

Azure AD Directive: Integration of Assisted Chat via MS Azure 

This assisted chat feature was envisioned to facilitate customers in seamlessly connecting with an operator during form completion. The inclusion of screen sharing ensures that assistance is rendered in real-time.

With the bank's existing services leveraging cloud capabilities, a salient objective was to architect the assisted chat as a quintessential cloud-native solution, rooted in Microsoft Azure.

Key Requirements:

  • A user-friendly widget on the public site enabling call connections with intuitive screen sharing.
  • A streamlined operator interface to initiate calls, fortified with Azure AD.
  • Paramount security.

Solution Unveiled: PoC (Proof of Concept) for Assisted Chat via Microsoft Azure, empowered by Azure Communication Services 

"Our solution empowers bank clients to activate a widget during form processes, instantly connecting them to a phone representative. This representative, via the system, generates and shares a unique code with the client. Upon its entry, clients can securely collaborate on-screen, culminating in the successful completion of loan applications under guided supervision."

Václav Hrach, Azure Specialist, LinkSoft

This PoC is intricately divided into three core segments: the API backend, an operator-centric web interface, and a public website widget:

  • API Backend: This Web API apparatus is adept at PIN generation and dissemination, coupled with efficient data storage and extraction. It serves as a nexus between the operator's platform and the public site widget.
  • Operator's Web Interface: A streamlined frontend portal, enabling operators to orchestrate calls and produce PINs post authentication.
  • React.js Widget (Public Website): Available as an NPM package, this versatile frontend module on the public domain aids clients in call connections via PIN codes.

Endorsed Security via Rigorous Penetration Tests 

The solution's formidable security framework, bolstered by Key Vault, Azure Frontdoor, and a comprehensive architectural blueprint, has been meticulously vetted through exhaustive bank-conducted penetration assessments, underscoring its compliance with all security legislations.

"Platforms like MS Azure are adeptly engineered to curate precise policies, ensuring clients meet all legislative benchmarks. As an exemplar, the Frontdoor service, a potent Content Delivery Network with WAF (Web Application Firewall) integration, inherently aligns with the OWASP Top 10 criteria, safeguarding web applications against the decade's most perilous security menaces."

Václav Hrach, Azure Specialist, LinkSoft

Synergies with MS Azure Services:

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD):

The API Backend is deftly configured for user (operator) authentication against Azure AD, pulling essential user-centric data.

Azure Communication Services (Azure ACS):

The backend seamlessly integrates with ACS, proficient in call creation and ID retrieval for these newly instantiated calls.

Azure Cosmos DB:

The backend is tethered to Azure Cosmos DB, storing pivotal call metadata - call IDs, PINs, operator identities, and potential audit metrics.

Azure Key Vault:

Configured to harness Key Vault, the backend utilizes it as a secure repository for sensitive credentials, including database connection strings.

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