What was the objective?

The development was requested by TME solutions, who are primarly active in the medical sector. The goal was to create a web application that would serve patients with urological problems and doctors specialized in urology, gynecology and urogynecology. I was particularly interested in participating on this project because previously in LinkSoft I have worked on an app dealing with improvement of “mental and physical well-being” of employees and now I had the chance to deal with a specific medical field. Apart from the web application development itself, I was responsible for delivery of REST API for a mobile application developed by TME solutions. The application not only practically helps doctors and patients, but at the same time is an example of the opportunities of digitalisation in communication between them, so it had to have a modern and intiuitive user interface. 

What did the client expect from the system?

  • Ability to register individual doctors, including the option to fill in custom information about the medical facility and office hours.

  • Ability to register patients.

  • Patients have the option to fill in specific questionaires, which can be helpful during the treatment.

  • Patients can review their uroflowmetry records done via the mobile app.

  • Patients can get in touch with their doctor and share their data (records, questionaires).

  • Using the web portal doctors can request the patient to fill in a questionaire or record.

How does the solution look like?

For the sake of speed and ease of use, the app has a very simple architecture – its a client-server application (two separate apps), where the communication between the client and server runs using REST API. This REST API additionally includes endpoints for the mobile app. 

Technically its built using .NET Core, as for the infrastructure I have used tools from our internal company framework built over ASP.NET Boilerplate and texts using XUnit. Outputs are in print formats (HTML to PDF using PuppeteerSharp), email (via AWS, using AWSSDK – Core, SimpleEmail) and SMS (using Twilio – AspNet).


When and for how long did the development take place?

It was a quick project, where the production date was fixed by a specialized conference, where the app was to be presented to the concerned medical personal. We thus had less than three months for the whole development, including UAT.


What is the technology stack?

Application server:

  • ASP.NET Core 2.2

  • Entity Framework Core

  • ASP.NET Boilerplate (AutoMapper, Swagger)

DB Server:

  • MS SQL Server 2017


  • React 16.8 (including Hooks), Redux 4

  • HTML5, LESS, TypeScript

  • Ant.Design, TSLint, Prettier, Axios, Moment.js, Chart.js, PropTypes, Lodash, Webpack, npm 


Vašek, ReactJS and .NET developer, in LinkSoft since 2017

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