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Contract or full time job

Do you want to be a full-stack developer, or work only with JavaScript or TypeScript? Are you interested in React or Angular? Would you like to define architecture of a large enterprise application, or work on a number of smaller web applications for organisations from different fields? Would you prefer to get more proficient at what you specialize on or rather learn new technologies and processes?

As a member of our team you won’t have to choose, we do all of the above and more :)

We are primarily focused on green-field development of web information systems built on .NET Core, .NET MVC Java or Node.js with React/Redux or Angular on the Front-End.

What would your daily job be about?

Back End of our apps (e-shops, internal systems of banks and non-banking institutions, reservation systems, reporting tools…) are written mostly “API-first”. You would be creating the Front-End part mostly in React/Redux or Angular. Afterwards the work would be taken over by your HTML/CSS/SASS colleagues, who will deliver the graphics and UI.
If you want, you are welcome to participate in the development of the Back End or creation of UI.
Participation on standups, both individual and team work on components, design of business logic.

What are some of the technologies you will come across?

JavaScript || TypeScript, React/Redux, Angular, node.js, webpack, HTML5, SASS, Git, VSTS/AzureDevOps.
We expect experience in programming in JS || TS, ability to learn fast and think about how to simplify the app and deliver a quality UX.

How do we manage projects?

We apply an agile approach to project management and use continuous integration.
We put great emphasis on the opinion of each team member.
Everything goes through a quality process, we pay attention to documentation, we test everything.

What you will find here?

A diverse mix of projects from different industries.
Work in smaller teams with senior colleagues, who are prepared to share their knowledge but also learn.
High quality code and products.
Close cooperation with our own Back End teams.
Flexible working hours and regular remote work.
Opportunity to realize own ideas and constantly learn new things.
Non-formal environment and (optional) fun company events.
A dog, his name is Karbo :)

In case of your interest please send us your CV or drop an e-mail with your contacts at: