Referral fee: 22 222 Kč
Contract or full time job

Do you want to enter the world of large information systems support? Because we are expanding our IT support team full of great people!

Learn how to provide internal support in SW and HW or how to manage an app. It’s an excellent starting position for anyone familiar with the world of IT and who is interested in developing further in this area.

Why will you be popular as a member of our support team?

Because you will help other colleagues to overcome difficulties in both SW and HW
You will accept every request you are given and, if you can, you will deal with them yourself
You will create access to the system for your colleagues, reset passwords, install notebooks, mobiles, printers..
With requests that you cannot handle yourself you will be helped by colleagues specialising in that area
Or you will take care of a particular app or apps and help users who are in difficulties
In addition, you will be able to collaborate on international IT projects and test various apps

What are some of the technologies you will come across?

Oracle DB, SQL, Java…

This position is ideal for anyone who wants to enter the world of IT:

We welcome graduates, all you need is the willingness to learn and not be afraid of IT
You will have the opportunity to encounter large systems and various apps
You will use your knowledge of English, a communicative level is sufficient
Every day you will get pleasure from what you are able to deal with yourself
All you need is the ability to communicate and to maintain a professional level even when you are repeating something for the tenth time
It you have studied IT or have previous experience, you will have the chance to use your knowledge
The position is considered a “starting” position and so after it there are further career opportunities

In case of your interest please send us your CV or drop an e-mail with your contacts at: