Background, the largest online bookseller in the Czech Republic, decided to completely rebuild its ecommerce platform and create a new online store.  It also needed to offer to its customers the ability to purchase and download e-books from its e-commerce platform. These capabilities were necessary to enable to maintain its market leading position.’s requirements were to:

  • Base the upgraded platform on the Microsoft.NET platform and the database server MS SQL
  • Implement quality full text search capabilities
  • Integration into Kosmas’ existing systems (inventory management system and other management information systems), and their b2b portal
  • Update the content server to allow for the sale of e-books


  • The new site provides a less cluttered browsing experience for site visitors
  • Full text search includes autofill of suggested words, and is built with technology from Apache Lucene, which powers search for online platform LinkedIn and Twitter.  Other technologies used were, and Microsoft’s SQL server.
  • The solution included support for a customer loyalty program, information on the availability of books in Kosmas’ physical locations, and the ability for site visitors to make orders without needing to register
  •’s sales went up by 38% year-on-year since launching this new platform.