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We really enjoy creating SW and we are always looking forward to new challenges. Get in touch to tell us more about what you need or to ask for a bid.

Experience with a Passion for Technology

We are a team of top engineering talent who are passionate about the latest and greatest of technology.

Standard Technology

We use standard technology to create our solutions which guarantees that our systems can be supported and expanded in the future.

The Right Solution in Every Case

Our aim is to give you added value. When creating information systems we always try to take on the role of a business partner pursuing its client’s objectives.

Our clients include, amongst others:
  • Bohemia Energy

    SW development Consultancy Outsourcing

  • Konica Minolta

    SW development Consultancy

  • Ogilvy

    SW development Outsourcing

  • Admit Advantage

    SW development Consultancy

  • Fair Credit

    SW development Consultancy

  • Ahold

    SW development

  • Monster

    Consultancy Outsourcing

  • Albaros

    SW development Consultancy


SW development and integrating applications

We create specialized solutions to meet customers’ precise needs in cases where it is not effective for them to use standard products.



Services generally used by clients that have their own development team but need to enlarge it for capacity reasons or missing know-how.



We’ll create a new information system that meets your precise requirements or you can use one of our products.

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